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Welcome at Forestry of the Third Reich!

I'm Steven and i am a collector of forestry from the Third Reich era. I've created this website to inform people about forestry and all related to it during this time period.

You will see that i use my own collection along with information gathered over the years and the help of other forestry collectors to explain this little and for most unknown part of the Third Reich. 


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In the series “Headgear of Hitler’s Germany” the volumes 8 and 9 are released.

Volume 8 contains the organizations “Deutsche Jägerschaft” and “Forstschutzkommando”, respectively with 85 pages with about 150 images and 33 pages with about 50 images.

Volume 9 entirely is related to the German forestry organization (“Staats, Gemeinde- und Privatforst”, but also the forestry forces from army and air force, and forestry from Weimar and the German states): a book with about 440 pages with over 500 images.


For those interested these volumes are indispensable. A must!! These books are not available in bookstores or from militaria-dealers, but just directly from the author. He can be contacted at:

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What did foresters do?

Foresters did like foresters do today. Foresters are involved in a large range of activities covering ecological restoration, timber harvesting, and day-to-day management of protected areas. They look after regular activities in the forests, including conservation, outdoor recreation, extraction of raw materials, aesthetics and hunting.

The foresters during the Third Reich era where the first people who made laws that controlled hunting.


What is the Deutsche Jägerschaft?

Reichsbund Deutsche Jägerschaft (German Hunting Society) was the official hunting society in Nazi Germany, 1934-1945. Membership was mandatory for all who possessed a hunting license.

More info here.

Generalforstmeister von Keudell hunting for wild boars for the Winterhilfe in the state forest Springe next to Hannover, 14 december 1934

GeneralforstmeistervonKeudell hunting fo

Some interesting militaria dealer websites:

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