Michovius Cottbus

In 1843, F. W. Michovius founded a cloth making buisness, which he associated with a cloth trade. He initially started his business in the Dreifert-Haus (a corner building on the Altmarkt). On the site he built in 1856 a new business, in which the company was active until 1912. After the death of the company founder, the new management of the expanding company decided in 1910 to build another new building in Lieberoser Strasse, which was completed in 1912. This company headquarters in Cottbus became known under the name: "Tuchgroßversand und Uniformfabrik Michovius".

Interior view of a room in the cloth factory Michovius. In the foreground you will see workers stacking fabric sample books.

In the back the are workers making the fabric sample books.

Provenance/Rights: Städtische Sammlungen Cottbus / Fritz Unger 

During the Third Reich, Michovius was one of the biggest producers of forestry and hunting uniforms.

Until 1989, the building continued to be used as a wholesale cooperative for textiles. After being abandoned for years, a comprehensive renovation of the building was carried out in 2012/13, taking into account the requirements of monument protection. The result was a modern residential and commercial complex with condos, medical practices and office space for small businesses.

Left: Advertising for the factory from the magazine Deutscher Förster, 1933

Right: Christmas advertising from the factory, 1938

Price list of the Michovius factory for the 1938 dress regulation. Försters have to pay for their own uniforms. They where not state funded.

Examples of the uniform labels from Michovius. Left one is from the collar, the right one was usually on the inside pocket.

An example of a state forestry visor, made by Michovius. (photo credit: Militariaplaza)

From my own collection, this huge wooden board used to hang a day calendar. These where given to people as advertising for their factory.

This is one of the shipping boxes the factory used to ship uniforms, visors, etc to the förster who ordered them. This box is dated 9th of august 1939. (from the collection of G. Hessels)

Huthase Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig

Huthase was a smaller hat manufacturer then Michovius. They had three shops, in Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig. In Dresden they where located at Spenerstraße 15. Their adres in Chemnitz was Johannisplatz 18. The adres in Leipzig is unknown. (If anyone knows it, please contact me!) They didn't only make forestry visors, but also fedora hats, women hats, summer hats, ... I've even seen a Zoll (customs) visor from Huthase once, but it could also have been a forestry visor with Zoll insignia. In the world of WW2 visors, this is a rare maker.

A page from an adres book from Chemnitz 1940. You can see the adres and phone number from Huthase. On the top of the page you can also see an add from Waldemar, another forestry hat maker. Below a photo from the shop in Dresden. (copyright das-alte-dresden)

My state 1938 regulation visor cap for higher ranks from Huthase.

An Huthase ashtray from my own collection.

These where made as commercial gifts. 

A pack of toothpicks. Also a commercial gift.

Another example from Huthase, this time a top hat (year of production unknown, but looking at the logo around 1920-1930). It also has the original box with the company logo.

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