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Internationale Jagdausstellung 1937

The internationale jagdausstellung (or international hunting exhibit) was held from the 2th until the 21st of november 1937. It was organized by the Reichsbund Deutsche Jägerschaft with as patron Reichsjägermeister Hermann Göring.  He quoted:

I greet the hunters of the world on the occasion of the international hunting exhibition 1937 in the capital of the german empire. I wish and hope that this great gathering of all well-suited hunters in special mass may help to promote the understanding of the peoples among themselves and to serve the peace of the world.

Opening of the international hunting exhibition 1937 in the exhibition halls. After the opening, Prime Minister Göring made a tour of the exhibition. Our picture shows him in the polish department.


The main event was to to show hunting trophy's of the following country's: Egypt, Afrika, America, Azia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Gdansk, Estonia, Finland, France, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Yugoslavia, Canada, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Spain, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. There where also demonstrations of falconers and horsemen. At the end of the event they handed out prices for the best hunting trophy's. These prices where donated by:

Führer und Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler

Reichsjägermeister Ministerpräsident Generaloberst Göring

Reichsminister des Auswärtigen Freiherr v. Neurath

Reichsminister der Finanzen Graf Scherin v. Krosigk

Reichswirtschaftsminister Dr. Schacht

Reichs - und Preussische Minister für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft Darré

Oberstjägermeister Scherping

Oberbürgermeister und Stadtpräsident Dr. Lippert

Reichsführer SS Himmler

Stabschef der SA Lutze

Staatsminister und Gaujägermeister Alpers

Reichsbund "Deutsche Jägerschaft"

Landesjägermeister Baden

Landesjägermeister Bayern

Landesjägermeister Hessen

Landesjägermeister Sachsen

Landesjägermeister Württemberg

Gaujägermeister Thüringen

Oberpräsident der Provinz Schleswig-Holstein Gauleiter Lohse

Gemeinnützige Berliner Ausstellung-, Messe- und Fremdenverkehrs G.m.b.H.

                    Official catalog of the exhibit.                                                          Souvenir pin and entrance ticket of the exhibit.


In addition to the exhibit, there was a hall filled with vendors of hunting related stuff like: books, hunting rifles, hunting clothes, ... 

2 photos of original slides from my collection where you can see one of the many sale stands.


A special find is a color film of the International Hunting Exhibition in Berlin from 2 - 21 November 1937. The faded over time images could be recovered by a complex editing back to their original quality.

Map of the area of the exhibit.


Reclamemarcke of the exhibit. These paper rounds where used to 'mark' official posters, letters,.. of the International Jagdausstellung.


Enveloppe with a beautiful postal stamp of the Internationale Jagdaufstellung 1937 in Berlin.


Waidwerk Der Welt

A year after the Internationale Jagdausstellung, Paul Parey released a book called Waidwerk Der Welt as a memento to the event. This book has some great information and photos of the event and is highly wanted by collectors. I don't have this book in my collection, but Max was happy to photograph some highlights in the book.

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