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In this section of the website you will find links to other websites with has different subjects then forestry, but are very informative about the history of the Third Reich. Click on the photo to visit the website.


Flemish Collaboration

This website is from a collector of Flemish Collaboration. A bit like my website, photos from his collection accommodated with explanation.

Language: Dutch


Hitler Archive

A biography in pictures from Adolf Hitler. From his birth to his death in 1945. The site has more then 2000 pictures!

Language: English


Argentur Karl Höffkes

Karl Höffkes is a well known German documentary maker. He has a huge archive of private films and photos from 1900 until 1945. A lot of these he digitalised and uploaded to his website.

Language: German


German Helmet Vault

Information website about everything we know about German helmets today. More then 100 helmets are featured on this website!

Language: English


German and Austrian Hats

Information forum about German and Austrian hats and makers. Great amount of information on there!

Language: English

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