On this page i will be sharing interesting videos about the subject of forestry and hunting in the Third Reich.

The Schorfheide


The Schorfheide, in the immediate vicinity of the old and new government metropolis of Berlin - a unique landscape in which German rule history was written over centuries. Nowhere else is the strange, often hidden, interplay between hunting and power as concise as here. If you follow in the footsteps of the powerful "hunters", you will suddenly encounter unknown stories and secrets - a historical hunting trail of all kinds: Monarchs, Social Democrats, Nazis, Communists ...

Wilhelm II, for whom hunting was often more important than politics. Hermann Goering, who staged in his unimaginable extent in his haunting pompous hunting lodge Carinhall. Walter Ulbricht, Erich Honecker and Erich Mielke also gave their seal to the Schorfheide, from where the order to build the Wall was made, intrigues were forged with the Kremlin lords, and politics and private life were mixed to a degree that the GDR population did not suspect ,

The film told a unique story of privilege and psychosis, unscrupulousness and megalomania, arrogance and blandness. An exciting chapter of German history full of myths, truths and legends.

Language: German

Göring at his hunting lodge

This film was made in 1938, no further information known about this video.

Language: only music

Göring hunting 1

This film was filmed by Robbert Gibbon for the British Movietone News. It shows Göring on a hunting trip.

Language: German

Göring hunting 2

The origin from this clip is unknown, but it is also owned by the British Movietone news.

Language: German

Easter at Carinhall

This clip comes from the movie archive of Karl Höffkens. It shows Easter day at the Carinhall residence.

Language: no sound

Internationale Jagdausstellung 1937

This clip comes from the movie archive of Karl Höffkens. It shows the International Hunting Exhibit in Berlin, 1937.

Language: no sound