The Forstschutzkommando des Reichsforstmeisters was ordered to be formed in February 1940 and tasked with carrying out and protecting forestry works in occupied Poland. It was manned with German forestry officials and wood-workers and also ethnic Germans from Poland. Apart from their experiences with wood working they also received some military training and from 1943 onwards their work was heavily affected by partisan activities. As the German withdrawals continued some elements of the FSK also saw front line service. It was also involved in the capture of Jews hiding in the forests.
The average strength of the organization was about 2000 men. The uniforms were provided by the Luftwaffe and those with a leadership function wore a cuff-title with the text "Forstschutzkommando".
It was renamed the Forstschutzkorps in September 1943.

There is not much more information known about this organisation. 


Landsforstmeister Ernst Boden




Ranks of the non-forestry service officials:


          Forstschutzkommando, rank rottenführer, date unknown.                                               Two dog-tags of the Forstschutzkommando.

Death card of Rottenführer Anton Steinberger from the Forstschutzkommando.

Death card of Oberrottenführer Josef Murr from the Forstschutzkommando.

Two photos of two different uniforms. The right one wears the regulated uniform, the left one still wears his forestry rang tabs, rank Revierförster.

A postcard size portrait of a rottenführer of the forstschutzkommando. Notice the part of the patch on his sleeve, the typical forstschutzkommando side-cap and the 'F' on his schoulderboards.

Deathcard of a higher rank (Scharführer) of the fordtschutzkommando.

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