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On this page i'm showing all the photos i have in my archive. The ones with the watermark are from my own collection, other i found over the years on the internet. Every photo has a caption with the info known about the photo.

An interesting photo, you can see a group of foresters and hunters before a mansion/castle. If you look at their insignia, you can see that they are from the 1934 dress regulation. 

Here you can see a förster in state service, rang revierförster talking a walk. You can see his hirschfänger hanging on his left side.

A group of foresters with different ranks, posing before a cabin in the woods. One of the foresters is also a member of the Deutsche Jägerschaft, you can see a patch on his left arm.

A group of foresters in private service (you can tell by the badge on their fedora/baschlikmütze) hunting for boar.

A portrait photo of a young forester, rang hilfsförster (1938 dress regulation). He is wearing his DRL sports badge and his SA sport badge, both bronze.

A period framed portrait photo of Albert Guggemos. He was a forester rank revierförster from the district Entraching. He was a state forester proudly wearing his b-rock uniform with the 1938 dress regulation. A few week after i bought this frame, i was lucky enough to find his death card with the same photo on it!

Very little known about this photo. It's an early photo, you can tell by the 'SA' style eagle on his fedora.

2 pasport photos of the same revierförster. On the left photo you can see a acorn on his shoulder board, so that means they are from the 1942 dress regulation.

One of my favorite photos, a postcard size photo of a young forstlehrling wearing his fedora and a parteiabzeichen.

A hilfsförster posing with two hunting trophy's and his hunting rifle. Notice his Hitlerjugend leistungsabzeichen on his uniform.

An older förster in private service (you can tell by the insignia on his fedora) proudly posing with his granddaughter/grandson.

Another one of my favorite photos. A young förster with the rank forstanwärter wearing a B-rock uniform with a dagger on his side. Notice his Hitlerjugend leistungsabzeichen on his uniform.

Very little is known about these two photos. You can see a förster with another official and a civilian in a sort of rubber boat roaming the flooded streets of a town.

A förster wearing his waldbluse (workers tunic) and fedora, hiking with his family in the woods.

In this picture you see a förster with his wife wearing a baschlikmütze.

Another great example what försters whore on their daily job, a fedora and a waldbluse.

This photo is not so much forestry related, but i liked it when i found it for sale. It's a zoll (customs) officer, wearing his hunting rifle and two bunny's he just shot.

This photo is a perfect example of a förster wearing his parade outfit. A B-rock uniform, silver aiguillette, parade belt and his dagger. Notice that he was also a member of the Deutsche Jägerschaft. He is wearing the logo of the DJ on his left sleeve.

A förster wearing his workers outfit (waldbluse, fedora, hunting rifle and binoculars) looking at a farmer working his field.

Two försters and their friends getting ready to go hunting in the winter forest.

A förster posing in his waldbluse and fedora. Not sure what the badge on his waldbluse is.

Another förster posing before the woods he probably worked in.

A förster in civilian clothing wearing his fedora.

A hilfsförster wearing a A-rock with the 1938 dress regulation posing next to his wife/friend/sister, who knows ;-) 

Four photos of the same förster. When i found these online for sale, they where clearly ripped out of a complete album. On the backside there are signs of this. I hate when people do this just to make extra money of selling them separately. I was able to save four of them to hold them together. The rest was already sold. He was a high rank förster, rank forstmeister. If you look at the photo with the car, you will see a member of the luftwaffe. Why he is there, is a mystery. If the album was never ripped apart, we might would know the whole story...

Here you can see two försters in private service. Notice the insignia on his fedora.

A state förster with his dog. On the back his name: Heinz. The dog's name is also written, but unreadable.

A beautiful wedding photo of a förster, rank hilfsförster. Postcard size! 

A HUGE photo (almost A4 format!) It's a forstlehrling who worked high in the mountains (look at the snow and the baschlikmütze, mostly worn by Foresters who worked on high grounds). I'm guessing it's in private service because he is missing the shoulderboards. The cool thing is, look at his medals! That means he fought in the war, but returned home before the war was over. It's rare to see a photo like this!

On this photo we see a young forstlehrling. He is wearing his HJ Leistungsabzeichen and the badge of the Deutsche Jägerschaft on his tie.

This wedding photo sits in a large frame. He is a Revierförster with the 1934 dress regulation. Nicely marked on the back with the name of the photographer and framer Gerber, Karlsruhe.

This photo is one of the 300 + photos from two photobooks of 1 family of a community förster, rank forstanwärter. He joined the Kriegsmarine, went to the Schiffsstammabteilung in Bergen op Zoom (Holland) and later to the Marine Artillerie Abteilung in Wilhelmshaven. The rest of the photos them i'm keeping private.

A portrait photo of young forstlehrling Gerhard, taken in Heldburgen (city near Leipzig) on 20th of july 1944.

A passport photo of a revierförster in state service with a 1938 dress regulation A-rock uniform wearing a party badge and some tinnie medals. I also posted a picture of the back with a stamp of the photographer. 

Four private and unpublished photos of Herman Göring in the company of försters. The first photo is taken in Berchtesgaden in 1938 and also printed in a small camerastore there. 

Where the other tree photos are taken is unknown. 

If you look at the uniforms, we can see that they are all taken in 1938. This was the transitional period between the 1934 and 1938 dress regulation. You can see that the rang tabs are missing from the uniform of the försters, this we see more on photos from that period.

A postcard size photo for the collection showing a revierförster in state service celebrating Christmas with his family.

A förster in state service (rank not 100% visible) wearing his fedora standing proud with his family who are also member of different organisations.

4 photos from the same forester in communal service, rank forstanwärter. On the third and fourth photo you will see his father (Wehrmacht Heer) and his grandfather who was also a communal forester, rank revierförster. The photos are taken in 1941. Not only are they dated, but you can see the 1938 dress regulation on their uniforms.

A forester in state service wearing his hunting rifle and fedora. You can see that he is wearing a badge on his fedora. This is the Jagdaufseher (hunting supervisor) badge from the Deutsche Jägerschaft. (more info about the badge on the Deutsche Jägerschaft page)

A postcard size picture of a förster wearing his fedora, binoculars and hunting rifle.

A very large (38x27cm) period framed portrait of a state förster, rank revierförsteranwärter (revierförster in training). He is wearing his parade uniform.

One of the smallest photos in my collection, but also the rarest. A Generalforstmeister (2th highest rank in forestry) posing with his family. Lot of people say it's Walter Von Keudell, but i am not 100 procent sure about this. Neither less a very, very rare photo.

An unpublished photo of Hermann Göring with some foresters and members of the Deutsche Jägerschaft. When you look at the uniforms, this photo was taken around 1934 - 1935.

A group of state foresters, low and higher ranks, at the dinner table. In the background you will see some headgear on the cabinet. Small but interesting photo!

A reviërforster posing with his family, notice the panzer uniform on the right.

A photo of some foresters (one is a oberförster) standing with some Italian state officials. All help is welcome regarding the Italian officials and the location!

A great photo for the collection, this photo was taken in1942 at Ustka (Stolpmünde) Poland shows a sign 'zum forsthaus' with a drawing of a forester beneath. In the background you will see the forsthaus hidden between the trees. For a 'not forestry' collector nothing special, but this is a rare photo!

More info:

Until the end of the Second World War there was a live training shooting range from the German Flakartillerie nearby in the dunes of Stolpmünde.

The photo is taken by a member of a Flakartillerie who was training there are that time.

A rare photo from my collection, a revierförster in Heer forestry service. Notice the Heer eagle on his chest. Foresters had to pay for their own uniforms, you can see some evidence on this photo, he is still wearing his normal forestry visor instead of the regulated Heer version.

A wedding photo from a Oberförster (1934 dress regulation)

Two photos of a revierförster (1934 dress regulation) in the company of some Wehrmacht officers.

A wedding portrait of a oberförster in state service. Backside is marked with the name of the photo studio, located in München.

A communal förster posing with his wife and son (member of the Jungvolk) in front of their car. On the back: Von einer schönen fahrt nach dem Heinberg! 20 april 1939.

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